The Little Stone Lion

Although "picture book China: The little stone lion" is not an ink painting with brush brush, nor does it leave "white", but the vague feeling in the painting and the spatial arrangement are similar to the painting style. The story is very simple and leave the aftertaste, and captures the lively spirit of western picture books. The story is a self-narration of a small stone lion carved in a small town. It begins with three pictures zooming in on the details of the lion's face. The author tempts the reader into thinking that the main character is both a lion and a patron saint, and that he may be of great size. It is only on the next page that it suddenly becomes apparent that he is in fact only a handrail larger and smaller than a cat, creating a rise and fall for the calm story. The little stone lion is not in the temple of prosperity, it is like a trophy in our living environment, also like an old tree, a building. It stands there for a long time, through the years to see the seasons pass, to see the people come and go and all that happens. The little stone lion knew that people might remember him or forget him, but he was confident that he would remember everyone and not forget. We see the little stone lion looked at the snow and rain these two paintings, originally is lonely and embarrassing situation, but its expression how pure and happy and lively, happy to play their part in it; This is the good painting and spirit of little stone lion.

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