Xiong¡®s decade-plus artistic career has coincided with the earliest emergence of illustration and children¡¯s literature in China, as the country¡®s publishing houses and market for literature lag far behind those of more mature developed countries. Xiong's untiring creative versatility has had a profound in uence on the course of Chinese drawing and painting, helping nurture a passion for original works of illustration among China's youth.


¡ñ Teaching and Creating Artistic Communities

From 2008 until the present, Xiong has served as either a visiting professor or graduate student advisor at a number of prominent art academies, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology. In all these positions, he has worked to foster understanding, and to help grow the school's illustration-related majors.

He has also held workshops and lectures on illustration on a regular basis at bookstores, including Kubrick, The Bookworm, and Sanlian, sharing his experience with a number of young illustrators.

For them, Xiong pushes for increased communication and exchange, and has created platforms to share and grow.


¡ñ Children¡¯s Art Education

In 2014, Xiong began "Teacher Xiong's Illustration Class", a design and art class for children offered via his WeChat public account that has been attended by more than 2,0000 students. More than just teaching children to draw, the class is meant to provide a unique, interesting way of thinking about art. At the same time the class brings together traditional and modern views on art, expanding children's horizons while promoting their individual creativity.


¡ñ Tradition and Modernity

Xiong also hopes his works and his teaching can act as vehicles for transmitting ideas on both traditional and modern Chinese art. Art goes beyond the mere visual. Its more fundamental purpose is the pursuit of a philosophy of life lying behind the appearance: Namely, how should we live?

Ancient Asian philosophical beliefs about coexisting harmoniously with nature, passing on traditional culture, continually seeking new understanding of the self become more important with each passing day in our noisy, messy present. Books of the kind Xiong creates are about reclaiming from the wasteland a bit of quiet, no matter how small.


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